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June 1, 2020

As a medical treatment, physical therapy is deemed an essential service by the Department of Homeland Security and the Wyoming State Government.  In order to deliver a healthy and safe treatment experience for our patients and staff, we are taking extensive preventative measures, guided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The following protocols are now in place:

            Patient and Caregiver Screening:  All patients and one caregiver will be screened prior to entering the clinic to make sure they are not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.  Please contact your therapist when you arrive and wait in your vehicle for them to perform your screening. (The doors to the clinic will remain locked for safety).  The screening will include a brief questionnaire given by the therapist along with touchless temperature measurement.  Only one adult will be allowed to enter the clinic with each patient; siblings are not allowed in any area of the clinic at any time.  Only the patient and parent will have access to the bathrooms. Everyone over the age of 2 will wear a mask, unless a patient cannot tolerate a mask. Please bring your own masks, as we will be limited in masks to share.

            Staff Screening: All therapists will be screened via the same questionnaire and touchless temperature measurements daily.  If a therapist exhibits symptoms, they will leave the clinic and follow up with their physician prior to returning to work.  Staff will wear protective masks at all times while in the clinic, and may wear gloves during treatments.

            Health Hygiene Protocols: Patients, caregivers, and staff will perform hand washing or hand sanitizing prior to and following each therapy session.  All equipment and supplies will be disinfected following each use.  Our gym area will be limited to three therapists and three patients with their caregivers in the gym at all times, so we may practice social distancing.  Additional treatment sessions may occur in the Occupational and Speech Therapy rooms.  We ask that you respect the space and remain close to your child and therapist throughout the entire session.  Our waiting room is closed, and absolutely no siblings are allowed in the clinic. The bathroom is closed, except to patients and their parents. 

Due to these additional measures, please understand your child’s therapy session will be shortened by 5-10 minutes to allow the therapist the time to complete these necessary tasks.  Because of this strict time scheduling, please be conscientious about picking up your child on time, according to what your therapist requests.

Should you not feel comfortable coming into the clinic during this time, we will gladly reschedule your child for a later date, or discuss the option of starting or continuing telehealth medicine through HIPAA compliant web-based technology.

Additional measures may be necessary to protect your health in our clinics. If so, we will update our practices and policies immediately.  We will keep you informed through your therapist and our website. 



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